Why do you teach internationally?

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Teaching internationally requires courage (lots of it!) and a zest for life and adventure of course.  When people hear of someone teaching overseas, they automatically assume the person is adventurous and perhaps unattached and without many commitments. However, more and more families are choosing the move overseas to teach internationally. The choice revolves around the package being offered, the opportunity for career advancement at hand, the chance to travel the world and the location of such opportunity (many of us would trade our tundra cold for sunny beaches!) . However, what other reasons do people teach internationally?

Many people chose to go overseas to save money! Many schools offer paid accommodation and therefore teachers have the opportunity to save a large portion of their salaries that would not happen back in their countries unless they lived with their parents.

Having spoken to many of our teachers, these are some of the reasons they chose to teach overseas:

Pay Debt- Hand in hand with saving money and with higher post-secondary fees, many teachers are culminating their studies with heavy debt

Tax Free – Teachers are able to take bigger paycheques home with some countries offering tax-free salaries.

Learn a new language - Surprise! Yes, indeed. While speaking to our teachers we found that many of our teachers were fascinated by a culture and language and wanted to feel fully immersed in it; something a short vacation cannot offer not to mention the long-term opportunity of practicing with locals.

Become a Writer - Next bestseller? We spoke to teachers who shared that a new location and experience would be the basis of a new story, a new book and perhaps a new bestseller.

Change the World - Many teachers felt they wanted to give back and create a social impact and change around the world, and therefore opted for teaching roles that were less lucrative but offered the opportunity to grow and change the world.

Career Advancement- Many teachers felt that their skills were much more appreciated overseas and the opportunity of career advancement was a shorter climb.

Your reason may be a combination of a few of these or perhaps not listed here. Whatever your reason, as you travel remember to keep an open mind and a good sense of humour. Tools that serve invaluable as you move ahead through unknown lands.  As the Chinese proverb says “Wherever you go, go with all your heart”.

Happy Teaching !