Top Teaching Strategies For Effective Teachers

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It is vital for teachers to have their own teaching strategies to teach at schools and be able to deliver beneficial lesson plan to make it easier for students to learn. These teaching strategies are essential for teachers to know to perform well at school as a teacher. Many teachers learn these techniques over time from planning and building relationships with students that helps them become effective teachers.


Kindergarten teacher and children looking at globe



As a teacher, you must be consistent whether is delivering lessons or keeping control of the classroom. You need to be firm with your students for them to learn and succeed. You need to ensure there is level of respect between you and the students. If your students are cooperating; then you need to have a method to tackle this situation by telling them off or taking away their break or a fun lesson to make them understand that there will be consequences for their actions.

You must follow through the instructions you give to students to be consistent; and keeping that in everyday tasks is the key to smooth lessons.


Build Relationship with Students

Having good relationships with your students is significant to have better understanding and to reduce any problems, interruptions or behaviour issues to keep a healthy, learning environment and this way you can learn more about your students. This way you can help them progress according to their specific targets and improvements. When building relationships with students, you must be aware to not hurt their self-esteem; be supportive with them by giving necessary tips to prosper and gain self-confidence. This benefits to connect; have good understanding with each other where they can trust you and listening to them which shows you care about what they have to say.


Always having an Overplan

This is convenient as a teacher to always have an extra lesson plan just in case your finish earlier than your lesson time than you need to have an extra activity for the students, so they aren’t not bored with working sheets. Having an end of the lesson plan with ‘bullet points’ of relevant information is a great way to have questions and mini tasks to do such as what they learnt and homework ready for students to reflect back on at the end of their lesson.


Giving choices to students

It’s more engaging this way to allow them to use their own voice and lead to their pathway of succession. Students need to be able to make their own decisions, it prepares them for real-life world and it’s a chance for them to pursue their own dream. This way they will enjoy it more, put more effort into it since they chose it. Productive teachers utilise student choice to enable students to control over their learning which gives students a sense of determination.


Fun lessons

As much as you want to be the best teacher, you must consider that students should learn in a fun, interactive way, they follow better this way and it boosts your and student’s confidence while learning. Using technology and different tools like smartboard activities, iPad apps, educational apps & games is great way to create fun in classroom and learn easier with visuals. Adding creative content to the presentations or lesson plan like videos and images are more appealing to students while gaining knowledge.