Why have you not thought about teaching in Mexico?

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As you may know, Mexico is not all good. It does have bad attractions to it such as the gang crime and drug use, but where in the world doesn’t have these problems? England has the exact same problem and this is most visible with the rise of the London riots, where businesses that had been around for 30-40 years were burnt down in seconds. This also occurs in countries all around the world.


Mexico has lots more to offer such as shopping malls, restaurants, parks, attractions and water parks. So instead of worrying about the bad things, think about the good! People can enjoy less tax taken on their salaries and cheaper a way of living. You will always be winning! If you enjoy working with international students then Mexico would be the perfect country, as it has a massive influx of western children as well as Mexican nationals.


Currently there are around 115 million people living there. Mexico City, the capital of Mexico, is one of the most populated cities in the world and has over 21.1 million residents. The city is one of the most economic across the world. As you know the Mexicans are famous for their fabulous taste in food, we all have to thank them for the Caesars salads and nachos.


Not a lot of people know this but Mexico City was built on a lake called Lake Texoco. The lake was drained out in the 17th century which means the city was built on a clay bed. This actually forces the cities to sink around 7 inches every year to ensure that residents in the city are receiving their water. The city has sunk over 30 foot in the last century. Another interesting fact you may like to know is that Mexico has the world’s smallest volcano located in Puebla. There is also a spiral staircase that takes you down to the bottom which is only 43 foot down; Mexico also has the world’s oldest tree which has reached an astonishing 1600 years old and has climbed up to around 30 feet tall.


Spanish is the most used language in the country and is used by over 97% of the population in the country. Bullfighting is extremely popular in Mexico, but the most popular sport is football which was introduced by miners in the late 1800’s. Mexico has only around 4% of people that are unemployed, which is a massive difference compared to the UK.


If you go to Mexico a few other things that tourists have recommended are the National museum of Anthropology, Castillo de Chapultepec and Teotihuacan Pyramids. These are all massive landmarks which every year have people continuously visiting. Teotihuaca is a city built centered around a group of pyramids that was predicted to have been built in 100 BC and is calculated to have been finished in 250 AD.



Mexico is extremely popular with tourists and has around 20 million visits from people all around the world want to experience some of the amazing attractions that are in the country.


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