China and the Z Visa

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So you’ve probably heard about it by now and if you haven’t, you probably should read up on the information below about the Z Visa, it’s critical and we can’t stress just how critical enough, especially for those travelling to China in the near future!


The Z Visa is essentially China’s version of the Work Visa, it allows for an employer to take on employees of foreign nations through employment. Essentially it provides legal short-term residency in exchange for the skills and knowledge of an individual. To obtain it, you need to hit several requirements:


  • Have at least a Bachelor’s degree
  • Have at least two years of teaching experience
  • Be a native English speaker (have English as your first language)
  • If male, be between the ages of 24-65
  • If female, be between the ages of 24-55


If you meet these requirements, congratulations! You’re the first step of the way to being certified as a ‘foreign expert’ for China! Next you’ll need several documents:


  • Completed application form for Foreign Employment in China
  • Completed application form for a Visa with a recent Visa-compliant photo affixed to the form
  • Passport
  • Employee’s Resume in Chinese, stamped
  • Employee’s degrees and qualifications
  • Report of reasons for Employment
  • Proof of capability for the Employee
  • Letter of Invitation from the Employer
  • Work License
  • Any other legal documents required by related authorities and bureaus (i.e IC Cards, Business Licenses, stamped copies of the Corporate Code Certificate etc)


When entering China, foreign employees must go through the entry and exit inspection and quarantine center for health checks, this is to ensure that no nasty illnesses or bugs are transferred from other countries that China may have a lessened immunity to. Once this is done, the employee obtains a health certificate and must go to the related administrative center for the employment of foreigners in order to apply for a Work Permit. To obtain the work permit, you will require:


  • Two copies of the Employment Registration Form of Foreign Employees in China
  • One copy of the Work License from the Labor Bureau
  • One copy of the Labor Contract
  • Valid Passport and Visa
  • One copy of the Passport and Visa
  • One copy of the Health Certificate
  • Three 2” Photos of the Employee
  • One copy of the Registration Form of Temporary Residence
  • Employee’s name translated into a Chinese equivalent
  • Foreigner Permit Application IC Card from the Labor Bureau


It should also be noted that if you are required to return to your home country, you should get a health check prior to returning as a precautionary measure against anything you may have picked up whilst living in China.


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