Are Master Degrees the next Bachelor Degrees?

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As the world becomes increasingly competitive people are working very hard to stand out from the crowd. Having a bachelor degree has now become the equivalent of having a high school diploma 15 years ago.  When you state you have a Bachelors degree, people want to know what else you have. The rise of micro-degrees, certificates, and online degrees is booming. According to Loan Consortium and the Babson Survey Research, a 2011 survey reveals  that the number of students learning online has now surpassed six million, with nearly one-third of all students in higher education taking at least one online course. Online education is attractive because it is more affordable than traditional education, has no time and no distance limitations and can offer those working full-time jobs the opportunity to further their education.

The education world is constantly evolving and teachers are required to adapt quickly to new education trends and higher expectations. Teachers are looking for ways to gain new skills while avoiding gaps in their careers. Many of the teachers who have come through our agency in the last few years, have obtained their Bachelor degrees traditionally but have upgraded to Master degrees and PhD’s online while working full-time careers. Many have chosen Master degrees in Education Leadership as well as Master Degrees in Instructional Design and Technology which are imperative in shaping the educational platform of delivery worldwide. Obtaining a post graduate degree or certificate has never been easier or more accessible.  SeekTeachers has now partnered with Laureate Online Education and Walden University to offer its teachers the very best in online education. Take your classes after your teaching day and on weekends. Keep the career you have with the flexibility you crave. As time management is an imperative skill in today’s fast-paced world, employers will be impressed that you have been able to manage a degree while working full time.  To view our partner’s online education degrees and to obtain up to 23% tuition reduction visit