SeekTeachers - European Student with Teacher
Date Posted: June 16, 2021

  SeekTeachers has partnered with The Safeguarding Alliance. The SA offers institutions the expertise in safeguarding to ensure a safe environment for children and young people. The education Trainers are experts in the field that have proven knowledge to encourage teachers to become outstanding Educators. Safeguarding is fundamental within organisation to create a safe environment… Read more »

Middle eastern mother helping her child with homework.
Date Posted: May 05, 2021

  In the next academic year (2021-2022), major changes will be adopted in 33 public schools in Abu Dhabi, education authorities announced on Tuesday. The announcement will set up six new schools and replace 15. The changes to be made by the School Institution in the Emirates will also include a change in the academic… Read more »

Date Posted: September 07, 2020

  Workers in Qatar may be able to shift jobs without needing to get their employers’ permission, ending one of the most complained aspects of the country’s labour system. The government has also declared an increase in the minimum wage, but human rights groups have said the measure is not taken well enough, leaving low… Read more »

Rear view of group of people in a computer lab.
Date Posted: August 31, 2020

    Social distancing in schools comes with its own perks but there are also the negatives. Distance in classrooms maintain discipline, better teaching as students won’t get distracted quickly by talking to their friends. There will be more concentration, teachers will be able to teach more easily as there will be fewer pupils in… Read more »

Skyscrapers in Abu Dhabi, UAE
Date Posted: August 28, 2020

  The Model School in Abu Dhabi welcomed back only 11 pupils at the campus for the first day of term as the majority of the families with children enrolled opted for distance learning from home. Even though small numbers of students are attending, the Indian curriculum school has ensured all required safety measures are… Read more »

Asian Students
Date Posted: August 26, 2020

  Kindergarten to Universities has reopened their campuses for students in China. But as there were recent cases in Xinjiang so they will be in lockdown and students will do online learning remotely from home. The majority of the cities in China are doing much better than other countries; lockdown has been lifted in many cities… Read more »

Date Posted: August 17, 2020

  Dubai is the second biggest city out of the 7 Emirates and has a population of 3.331 million. Dubai is known for its exciting nightlight, luxury shopping, modern buildings, and extraordinary sightseeing. Teaching abroad has its ups and downs. But keep reading to know the pros and cons of teaching in Dubai. The benefits… Read more »

Date Posted: August 12, 2020

  As most children are continuing their studies from home, there’s been a disrupture in their learning pattern as they are not attending schools for education anymore. Meaning many children are falling behind on their education and are not motivated to learn as they aren’t engaging with teachers as much. As a parent, you can… Read more »

Preschool Daycare
Date Posted: August 10, 2020

  Does your child struggle in throwing a ball, writing, or tying their shoes? Visual motor skills are fundamental to a child’s development. Children need adequate visual perceptual abilities to function efficiently in school and at home. When these skills are jeopardized, a child might have problems doing the basics such as doing sports, tracing… Read more »

Cute young man sleeping on bed
Date Posted: August 07, 2020

  As we are going through these difficult times, schools should ensure to teacher’s health is taken as a priority as they return from lockdown. Physical and mental health is important; we should be there for each other in these strange times. it has not been a good experience for all, many have developed mental… Read more »